23 Best Examples of a Thank You Note Your Teacher Will Love

When it comes to expressing your appreciation to teachers, here’s the drill: if the words don’t come easily, keep it simple and heartfelt.

more thank you note examples for your teacher from parents and students
Teachers love thank you notes!

Teachers: the under-rated and under-appreciated builders of tomorrow’s society. Odds are that we all have had a teacher that has made a difference to us, hopefully in a positive way, and sending them a note of thanks is the least we can do to express our appreciation for their daily efforts.

12 Thank You Note Examples From Parents to Teacher

  1. “We both thank you for the important role you play in shaping our child into the respectable young adult they are quickly becoming. Please know that we recognize your positive influence and moral guidance, and we value the example you impart to our child.”
  2. “Dear Gregory, thank you for being such a fantastic teacher. Lionel had a terrific experience in your class and from what I could observe when I volunteered on Fridays, I can see why. You have such enthusiasm and patience. I don’t know how you’re able to keep it up! Hope you have a great summer!”
  3. “Dear Teacher, my partner and I realize that teaching is a often a thankless job, and we see how you pour your heart and soul into daily lessons. Your passion for your students is inspiring to us as parents. Don’t think that because you don’t hear the words ‘thank you’ every day, that we are not grateful for you.”
  4. “With students like yours (our son, ha), being a teacher cannot be easy. Teaching is certainly a Calling, and requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice. You doubtlessly stay awake at night worrying about the students in your class at the expense of your personal time. We thank you sincerely for caring so much.”
  5. “Dear Mr. Teacher, the hours you spent during and after class giving Jim individual attention to ensure he grasped the material, went above and beyond today’s expectations. Thank you for your patience, and for your empathy when it took Jim longer than others to grasp the concepts.”
  6. “Our respect and admiration for you as our daughter’s drama teacher cannot be expressed in words. You have a tangible effect on the lives of the students in your class, and they will remember you for many years to come. Thank you for creating a space for our children to be themselves, and for being a positive example in their lives.”
  7. “We’ve seen the change in Stacey this year, and we wish to thank you for all you have done allow her mind and spirit to grow this year/semester. You are a truly amazing teacher who makes a difference in children’s lives every day.”
  8. “Hello Teacher, Thank you for teaching our daughter how to study the smart way. She has struggled and stressed about taking tests throughout her formative years, and finally, your method is working. Her test scores have improved, not only in your class but in all her classes! The time you have invested in her will change the course of her life. Thank you. Best Regards, Me.”
  9. “As you are aware, last semester was a difficult one for our child. We thank you for inquiring and assisting our son when you could see that he was struggling, even though you had many other students in your class to supervise. It really means a lot that you cared.”
  10. Thank you for believing in our daughter’s dreams. As a teacher, you have provided our child with the nurturing space and material resources to plan a strategy to make her dreams possible. This is a gift that only a special person such as you could have given. Thank you.”
  11. “We are writing to thank you for the astounding job you provide our children. Young people are not always easy to handle, but your patience and firmness have made a huge difference and we thank you for establishing healthy boundaries and creating an environment of trust.”
  12. “Thank you, Teacher! You give the best of yourself to see others advance. We’re so grateful our child is in your class and has the good fortune of having you as her teacher. Thank you.”

11 Thank You Note Examples To Teacher from Student

  1. “Mr Biggs — Thank you for challenging me to think further, work harder and dream bigger. I surprised us both by reading your entire recommended reading list. Without you as my teacher, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have thus far. I don’t think people say thank you to teachers often enough. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, for the doors you have opened for me, and thank-you for imparting the ability to find and open more doors by myself.”
  2. “Well, you managed to do the impossible — make me excited to come to an 8am class! You are a great prof.”
  3. “Dear Teacher, we both know I’m not always the most well-behaved kid. Thank you for accepting me as I am, and welcoming me into your class. I will never forget you.”
  4. “Dear TA, I know I didn’t always make things easy for you during class discussions, but you made time for me anyway. Thank you for being my class leader.”
  5. “This year was better than I expected — in fact, it was amazing. I learned a lot of new things from you, like xxxxxxx. You’re a good teacher because you explain things so well, and you always include everyone in discussions, so no one feels incompetent or self-conscious. Thank you for showing me I have self-confidence, and inspiring me to act like it.”
  6. “Dear Teacher, after reading reviews for your class before enrolling, I never would have guessed I would have such a great time in your classroom. Your assignments were hard, but I learned a lot from them (except for proper English grammar, ha). You’re the best teacher I’ve ever had. Thank you.”
  7. “Dear Professor Stuart: Without you as my teacher during this transitional year, I don’t know where I’d be. You may not realize this, but your classes have revealed to me that I have the self-confidence to follow my dreams. Thank you for that.”
  8. “Dear Professor White: Words alone cannot express how much your actions and teachings have influenced me this year. My existence today proves your influence has been positive and life-saving. Thank you for caring about me.”
  9. “As this semester progresses, we all notice how hard you work as a teacher. People don’t always recognize nor acknowledge altruistic behavior. We see what you do, and you make many sacrifices to be a great person and a great teacher, and we thank you for that.”
  10. “Dear Ms. Shroot, Guess what? Until now, math has never been my favorite subject; I always found it a bit boring. But your calculus class somehow broke through my self-imposed resistance, and I am compelled to combine my love of literature and my understanding of math by becoming a science writer. I never saw that coming! Thank you!”
  11. “Dear Miss Hamilton, This year I struggled with taking class seriously because of the problems I was having at home. You never gave up on me once, and I want to thank you for that. I will always remember your kindness and willingness to go the extra mile just for me.”

Thank-You Note Cheat Sheet

A basic teacher-approved cheat sheet for saying thanks to your mentor who has gone the extra mile for you:

  1. Describe what your teacher did for you, in general or a specific example
  2. Say what positive impact their words/action had on you

Why Send A Thank-You Note to Your Teacher?

A hand-written thank-you note to your teacher at the end of the term is the best time for parents and children to extend their appreciation for what invaluable service the teacher has provided over the school year.

A teacher spends a substantial amount of time with their class and has a profound influence on students, not only imparting curriculum knowledge, but teaching civility and morality as well.

Don’t Stress, Keep it Simple and Write From the Heart

When writing a thank-you note to a teacher, don’t stress — keep the note short and sweet, but express your gratitude with sincerity. A heartfelt note means a lot to a teacher, and validates their efforts in class to effect positive change or to beneficially influence the lives of their students.

It’s so easy to get stuck trying to compose the perfect thank-you note for your teacher, but it’s more important to simply get something written down. Yes, words are necessary and important, but your gratitude shines through in the act of handing the note over, too. A poll asking teachers what gifts they appreciate most reveals that many teachers continue to extol the virtues of a good old-fashioned thank-you note.


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