Free Sick Note Template For Work [PDF, Download]

Download a doctor’s medical note PDF to submit to employer or school for missing work / explaining an absence.

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Does your employer need a note from your doctor to explain your absence? Under which circumstances is your doctor most likely to provide you with a sick note? Here are some doctor sick note templates in downloadable PDF format for you to do with as ye will.

Many employers require a doctor’s note for an extended absence. Below are example doctor sick notes to expedite the process.

When Does a Doctor Give a “Sick Note”?

Issuing sick notes is one of the core tasks of General Practice and yet little research has explored how doctors decide whether or not to offer a sick note.

The proportion of the population of working age claiming sickness or invalidity benefit has risen sharply over the past two decades. With annual spending on social security benefits costing almost three times as much as total expenditure on the National Health Service,[source] the issue of a sick note has financial implications which potentially far exceed the costs of issuing a prescription. The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) suggests that the main problem surrounding the doctor’s role in sickness certification is variability of practice, and that this in turn relates to a lack of information about the process and a (perceived) lack of adequate support from the Benefits Agency (BA) and DWP.

The doctors rated the patient with the psychological problem as more ill, less work-shy, more unfit for work and described feeling more sympathy towards him compared with the patient with the physical problem. The presence of adverse family circumstances generated more sympathy and doctors considered this patient as less work-shy. A patient demand for a sick note had no effect on doctors’ beliefs about the patient. In terms of doctors’ behaviour, the doctors were more likely to give the patient with the psychological problem a sick note overall and because they felt he needed or deserved one, and more likely to give the patient with the physical problem a sick note in order to maintain a relationship with him. The decision to give a sick note was not influenced by either adverse family circumstances or patient demand. –

How to Draft Doctor’s Note Templates on Your Own

The coveted medical “excuse from work” note template is of great value and only authorized positions can fill it out: doctors, physician assistants, assistants, dentists, nurses, psychologists, clinical social workers, and specialist physicians.

Many employers require a doctor’s note for an extended absence. Below are example doctors notes to quicken the process.

Remember that the purpose of this template is to assess one’s fitness for work/travel or explain an absence or provide an excuse for missing days at school or work.

A professional template typically consists of physician details, patient information, the condition statement, the diagnosis, prescribed treatment, advice, and doctor’s signature.

To make a note convincing of its authenticity, you may have to include logos, graphics, and watermarks, and ensure proper grammar!

Medical Excuse Slip in Printable PDF Form to Customize [Download]

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